The following works having been divised and executed collaboratively through improvised rehearsals and in

dialogue with the artists around their work//research//aims.

Business? (You're all clapping for the wrong reasons, you're not even real people) from Lewi Quinn //

Created as part of a multi-channel installation piece named 'Annie's Heels Get the Better of Her' 2014.

Also featuring Jahvel Hall and Lateisha Lovelace-Hanson.

Gareth Bought a Paradise fae Ebays (Kofe'Z Life Couch) - Excerpt from Lewi Quinn //

Part of a collaborative project between Finnula Campbell and Lewi Quinn. 'Gareth Bought a Paradise fae Ebays'

was the name of an installation displayed at Bad Behaviour, Mori + Stein, London.

Also featuring Jahvel Hall



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